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Come On, Fhqwhpods! - A Homestar Runner Podcast

Jul 14, 2022

The gang catches up on some listener messages, reviews, and a new answering machine message!

“Come On Fhqwhpods” song -

Songwriters: Gavin Richard, Austin Post, Amala Dlamini, Louis Bell, Jasper Harris, & William Walsh
This song was re-produced. Original production organized by Bell and Walsh.
(C) 2022 Republic Records, Mercury Records. All rights reserved.
I do not own the rights to making this song, so Posty, whatever you do, don't sue me.


Oh Come on Fhqwhpods!
A podcast you would hear, come on down and lend your ears
Come on Fhqwhpods!
The only way to hear what is going down in gear
Come on Fhqwhpods
Ones like Strong Bad and The Cheat, they be causing misery
Come on Fhqwhpods 
[Verse 1]:
Sometimes it would never come easy
 It's the Chaps, they do make us go crazy
Dave and Alexa, come and get me
With the Michael Hunter speaking very heavy, heavy
Let's drink a lil sip, melonade 
Strong Bad want a thousand ladies
How you type with all one arcade
We were cells before we were babies
Pom Pom and Homestar would never take a hard cheat (cheat kick)
Coach Z is moister than the tightest dungarees (tight pants)
Please don't make me deny everything 
Every ep just means the world to me 
We little pitchers have the giant ears (giant ears)
[Verse 2]
Sbemail dot exe
The code used to be typed differently (check the email)
First we start the Compy
Then from the Compy to the Lappy
Teach Strong Sad Portuguese 
Or maybe he could learn Nepali
It's our year to do a cheat kick
Make your place with a stop and a brick
Drink some old-fashioned melonade
Learn to type with a single arcade
Make the Thnikkaman run the concession stand
Glue things to your gloves so it looks you have hands
Throw a cup of coffee and try some wooddavers 
Get so rich from useless pencil shavings
Buy Deep Impact thrice in a row
Go on a quest for the Yello Dello 
Now they ask me where my hat is at 
Even crap can't give me that
Now when they gimme that Deep Impact
I have to say holy crap
Nothing new, nothing new
Life's so big, but that pop is huge
Need a clue, need a clue
Keep staying cool
Come on Fhqwhpods 
Ones like Strong Bad and The Cheat causing misery
Come on Fhqwhpods 


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